Looking for Bloggers for Emberotic's Fashion Designs

Emberotic's Fashion Designs is looking for bloggers!

Looking for dedicated people who has a flare for blogging and an eye for photography.  New at blogging but want to blog anyways? Thats ok, show me what you can do with photography, we all need to start somewhere. 

Requirements: If your accepted as a blogger....

  • You must have a blog website and also a flickr account for posting images there as well. Facebook is nice but not required.
  • You must join other blogging and fashion groups on flickr to maximize potential views.
  • When blogging my items the products must be clearly displayed in the image with no awkward poses or props blocking the view of what your blogging.
  • No odd lighting that is too dark or too bright or over exposing or under exposing the image.
  • You must be able to say something about what your blogging.  Please no grocery list. I would like to see a line or two said about what your blogging. Example. Does it include a texture hud? if so, how many recolors or patterns included? Is shoes included? Are Omega or other appliers included in what your wearing? 
  • My Logo with in-world store link must be displayed on your blog page either on the side bar or where ever your blog layout permits. 
  • You must be able to blog my items at least Twice a month
  • Its is ok to blog other items in same blog.
  • It is ok to have other people in same blog as long as they are not blocking my product. 
  • If your a new blogger it must be your intentions to wish to blog long term.

 If your interested and can meet these requirements then please contact me Emberotic Draconia in second life with a note card with the following information.  Copy and paste the below into a note card in-world.

  1. How Long have you been blogging? ________________________________________
  2. Do you have a mesh head and mesh body?
  3. Are you skilled with in world photography and or photo editing software of some kind?
  4. Can you dedicate at least 2 blogs or more a month?
  5. Please give me link of your current blog page. (Notice, if your new at blogging and have not set up a blog page, please do not apply until you have as I do not have time to talk you through how to do that) ___________________________________________________________________________
  6. Who are you currently blogging if anyone?
  7. Anything you wish to add, please do here.

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