Saturday, May 27, 2017

Colours On The Water

Watercolor crimson skies
bleed indigo blue pastel lines
waterfall rains spill over
Yellowy blues sink viridian green
paper clouds bloom fire
a sunrise to devour CA Guilfoyle

This is a new collection by [CIRCA] Living and is currently in the Home and Garden Expo 2017!
Its a full room set call "Colours On The Water".  During the event this new collection & their RFL (Relay for Life) vendor items are discounted 35% Off and exclusive.  100% of the donations from the RFL vendors go towards the Relay for Life fundraiser.  See demos on site.  These will arrive at the store after the event finishes. The event runs from May 19 - Jun 4th. These items are also available for sale individually outside the set, so if you just wanted the Lounge Sofa or the Plant Stand then you have that option.

Menus are included for some of the furniture and planters that gives you options to change the wood, fabric or flower options which allows you to customize your set that suits your taste best. I found very nice and pleasing poses in the seating pieces which includes sitting, laying and standing. This is very important for me in my 2nd life because nice animated poses and social seating is important to adding realism to my online environment.

Various other accessories add to the feel of this water painted eye candy furniture set that includes the wall flower displays, diamond mirrors, plant stands, flower vases and the curtains.

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