Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A faint breeze in the air

She's A Ghost

Never in her life has she felt
so alone and misunderstood
going out of her way to be kind
just as much as one person ever could
so wrapped up with their own life
nobody seems to see
all the hurt and the pain 
their inaction's are causing her
they say you always get back
exactly what you put out
so a smile and more kindness
should turn her heartache inside out
maybe she doesn’t exist
they don’t seem to know she’s even there
cause maybe if they did
they’d lend her a listening ear
they’d take notice to what she’s doing
and even pretend like they care
but she’s nothing more then a ghost
a faint breeze in the air...

(Click above image to see close up of jewelry)

I am wearing...

Jewelry: Nord Embel'Lys   - Coeur d'Nord Set & Bracelets
Hair: Analog Dog Hair- Sassafras - light reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Cate ( LeLutka Applier ) Jamaica

Dress: Quoth The Raven Hunt Event by Emberotic's Fashion Designs. 1L Hunt Item.
Sim: The Lost Unicorn- Dreamy forest full of beauty, magic and childhood faerie tales come to life!  A unicorn sanctuary where many  woodland animals and fantasy creatures can roam safe and free.  High above on a mountaintop stands The Lost Unicorn Gallery, full of fantasy art

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