Friday, November 10, 2017

She is Magic

She is weird, bizzare and strange
Her mind can anytime change
BUT...she is magic

She sways away from her words
Fly away from promises like a free bird
BUT...she is magic

You may call her mad, and insane
BUT...she is magic

Thank you Flower Dreams for this amazing white lace gown! I tried it on today and thought...Its magical!  So I had to blog it so, grins.  ITs coming in 5 soft pastel colors of powder blue, pink, ivory, light green and ...WHITE.  I would love to have the green version!

Oh what a sexy treat! While I was rummaging through the folder to put my size on I found Body Gem appliers to wear with or without the dress! Smexy!

Other things upon my body...
Not on my body but mentioning anyways


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