Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Rose Of Sweet Submission

I am the rose of sweet submission,
silky, subtle, tender, sweet,
bending gently, softly splaying
velvet petals at your feet.

Altar of my supplication
worshiped staff of love
I'll pleasure,
take me now your precious flower
let me be your loving treasure

The shadowed garden looms before me
succulent forbidden fruit,
provocatively seductive
I press my lips to tender root.
Obeisant in my adoration
assuaged desire, tender, sweet
naked innocence so yielding
petals open, grow complete

She is wearing...
  • Collar: by IT! (Indulge Temptation!) - De'Leashous Choker. This Choker is an exclusive for the ✯ OMG - Oh My Gacha!✯ Event at the OMG venue. There are 13 common colors and 1 black rare (shown in image above).
This event starts today and closes on January 26th. I am going to leave some useful information given to me by the creator of this awesome choker for all you Gacha fans who likes to collect and trade.
• Join inworld group to trade (must contact moderator for posting rights)
• Join the OMG! Subscriber to keep updated
 All items are exclusive for the duration of the event.
1 extra thing to note which I think is interesting... the common package contains 2 chokers, a resizable one and sure to not delete either if you think its an extra. One is the version that responds to the metal Hud from the rare package so if you are a lucky winner you can always gift your resizable version to a friend! :D

  • Rings: I am going to talk more about these rings in my next blog but these are also by IT! (Indulge Temptation!) at the Oh My Gacha!✯ Event at the OMG venue. Look for my next post for further info!


  • Chair Prop: Studio Chair by Salacity. This chair has been out for a few months now and I have been just dying to use it as a prop! Finally I got the opportunity to sit my tushie on it and I absolutely adore all the poses on it. The chair has 15 static poses; these are designed and configured for females, although they could be used for any avatar. For all you who love to have items customized to your own taste, the creator is willing to do custom textures/colors, animations/poses, and animation sequences. ALL custom work will be done based on a quoted rate, with 50% deposit required.

Other notable mentions:
  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR  Gaea VIP - January Gift
  • Mesh Head:  Bento Mesh Head SIMONE 2.1 by Letutka
  • Skin: *YS&YS* - Tone 02 Body Applier v2.0 - Maitreya
  • Mesh Head Skin: *YS&YS* Alicia Tone 02 Skin Applier  For Lelutka BENTO Heads, I found it at Shiny Shabby
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
  • Eye and Lip MakeUp: Makeup that comes with the Alicia Tone 02 Skin Applier
  • Mesh Eyes: Ikon Sovereign Eyes  - Green
  • Lighting:  LumiPro 2017

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