Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Spell Worked.

She said it wouldn't work, but it did. It was actually much easier then I first anticipated. Silky sat pretending boredom reading a book on Poems for the Heartbroken as Dar and I chanted together carefully pronouncing the incantation of a simple lightening ball spell.  There was debate at first on if we should attempt this simple spell due to the health risk we were afraid would be involved. It wouldn't sit well for Dar's mother if we successfully conjured up a lighting ball and in turn he sizzled down into ashes....would it?  Finally our curiosity won over and we succeeded in performing the spell after only 4 hours. I still can't get over the look of shock on Silky's face as a ray of energy shot forth from my hand over to join with energy emitting from Dar's hand.  Suddenly....we heard a WOOOOOOSH, and some snapping and crackling sounds and then a big glow emitted forth in Dar's left palm with tendrils of electricity swirling around it. Dar looks at me with a triumphant gleam on his face, then as quickly his face turned worrisome and he asked me.... "Now what do we do with it?"   I shrugged indicating I have no idea and thought to myself... perhaps we should had read the entire spell and read the footnotes left by the author of the book on what to do with it once we have it. 

Behind me I heard Silky crack up laughing. Slowly she stood with a smirk on her face as she took the book from my hands. "Thank you Ember for finding my book for me, now if you don't mind I'll do the rest". She said to me as my face turned to confusion. With a quick turn to face toward Dar, she intricately weaved her fingers in the air chanting a few mumble words I couldn't quit understand then she points suddenly at the ball of energy Dar is holding and it just simply disappears as if it was never there to begin with.  Another look of triumphant crosses Dar's face as he realizes this lovely girl is a witch, and she is just what he was looking for, time to probe her on the how to of spell craft......oh my friend Dar and his silly amusement for gadgets and orbs and spells. Silky doesn't realize it but she has just become one of Dar's toys. Now I am the one laughing as he starts to buddy up to her and escorts her out to start picking her brain. OOoh the wonderful world of Second Life. :)

What am I blogging? I want to center on two main merchants here.

First - Love + Salacity Poses and Animations for the Magical Orbs Gacha that is available at The Mad Circus until Oct 31st. There are 11 poses in this Magical Orb set and its only L$25 a pull! So hurry over to The Mad Circus and get yours! (poses does not come with glowy effect. The lighting ball effect comes from [The Arcanum] TypeFX - Sparks

Next I want to tell you about [CIRCA]'s- "Spector Hill" Sitting Set which was available as hunt items during the Fall 2017 Twisted Hunt.  Now these items are no longer available but I wanted to show you these cause these were in a hunt! When ever Circa participates in something there is no kidding around and so I am looking forward to the Twisted Krissmuss from December 2, 2017 - January 3, 2018 and see what goodies Circa Living will provide for us then. I can't wait, mark your calendar! Until then you should head on over to [CIRCA] Living and see all the other quality items available to help enhance your Second Life.

Other things to mention...

(on the ladies)

(on the guy)
  • Outfit: Gacha by GB Gabriel - Dark Crow Style - Purchased from reseller in MP
  • Mesh Head: GA.EG  Damon
  • SKIN: Nivaro- GA.EG's Damon
  • Mesh Body: Gianni Body By Signature

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