Thursday, December 1, 2016

I am about to get started...

 Monday I got a new computer and discovered all the things I was missing that now has me in awe in 2nd life. I never got to see the lovely particle emitters by Particle Tom, being able to walk around a full photo-graphical decorated sim with out lagging, see my avatar dance sexy dances with my friends.....with out major lag, it was horrid,.  My ram would spike to the red and my graphics card was not good enough to handle Ultra high graphics which if i tried resulted in extremely poor performance in 2nd life.  I was doomed with settling with medium to high graphics on my sim but once I left my sim the graphics settings was set to low. It was depressing to go to clubs and they be crowded and I would have to sink my camera's view into the water or raise it way high into the clouds. What fun was that? lol .   Even the recent addition of the complexity slider didn't seem to help much when you get too many people in the same area. SO...I decided to get a new computer and I found a reasonably priced high end computer on Amozon, With it i am zooming through 2nd life and about to go on a graphical clicking spree! Here is my first Blog image!

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